Valuable Content Marketing

Valuable Content Marketing: How to make quality content the key to your business success

By Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton

Publishing with Kogan Page, autumn 2012

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What you will learn

From websites to white papers, blogs to tweets, e-newsletters and video, now more than ever, content is king in the digital world. In order to engage potential customers and make your business stand out from the crowd today, you need to start doing things differently. Providing valuable content is the key.

“Valuable content is the foundation of all good marketing today”. Charles H Green, author of The Trusted Advisor

Valuable Content Marketing is written for people running businesses now. It is practical, approachable and rooted in real life business successes. We show readers how to generate sales through creating compelling marketing content and distributing it effectively, online and off. Creating and sharing the type of information that clients, customers and search engines really want – on a website, using social media and through traditional print methods – will build your business. Getting it right means a huge opportunity to connect with clients and customers in ways they appreciate and trust, and we show you how to do it.

Valuable Content Marketing explains how to go beyond artfully produced information to content that is of real value to the target audience. Whether starting a business or looking to grow, this book shows marketers and business owners how to get better results from their marketing efforts.

The secret to effective marketing is simple: make yourself useful and share information that people who buy your products and services genuinely value, even look forward to. Isn’t it time your business found out how to create some really valuable content?

Table of contents:

Introduction: Why you need this book and how to use it

Why? Why valuable content is so crucial today

Chapter 1: Marketing has changed: have you?
Chapter 2: What is valuable content and why it wins you business
Chapter 3: What do I say? Guiding principles for your valuable content

What? The tools at your disposal and how to make them valuable

Chapter 4: Start with a blog
Chapter 5: Distribute your valuable content via social media
Chapter 6: Keep in touch with engaging email newsletters
Chapter 7: Get search engine savvy
Chapter 8: Your valuable website
Chapter 9: Add deeper written content: white papers, e-books and books
Chapter 10: Diversify with different formats: video, audio and more
Chapter 11: Widen your reach: take your valuable content on tour
Chapter 12: Valuable content for salespeople

How? Practical steps for content marketing success

Chapter 13: How to write content your customers will value
Chapter 14: Making it happen: seven steps to success
Your new marketing manifesto

Valuable resources:

How valuable is your marketing now? The valuable content test
Planning and structuring your blog article
No nonsense glossary of SEO terms
Checklist for your website content
Questions to help you write a good case study
Planning questions for deeper written content
Get to know your customers template
Quoted experts and recommended further reading

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