Five reasons not to blog

You don’t have to write a blog. It’s not the law. Here are five popular reasons not to do it. 1.You can’t be bothered. Really, what’s the point? Your marketing is working fine, you don’t need any more clients, thank you very much. If you’ve got a steady stream of leads, and more of the […]

The 7 deadly word sins

(Or 7 words you won’t find on Valuable Content websites, and which shouldn’t be on yours.) We write lead generating websites for businesses, so we get through a lot of words – thousands of the things. There are some we try not to use any more – either because they’re overused, or because they’re not […]

The really Valuable guide to ‘Things to give up for Lent’

Chocolate, wine, and cake – just three of the things that aren’t on Valuable Content’s list of things to give up for Lent. We hope you’ll find our real selection more useful. Read on for a quick-fire list of the things we’d like to kiss goodbye today. 1. Jargon. There’s always a better way of […]

Writing rules you should break

Business writing can feel like a balancing act. On the one hand you want to get your point over in an engaging way, on the other you want to appear professional. So how do you get it right? Here’s a quick guide. Three writing rules you should break, (and three you shouldn’t.) Rule 1. Write […]

Six steps to great web writing

A funny thing comes over some businesses when they start putting together their web copy. Rather like having a posh ‘telephone voice’, they write about themselves in an artificially ‘proper’ way. Instead of saying ‘we run coaching workshops for new businesses’, they’ll write ‘we facilitate training sessions to leverage success for business.’ It’s a bit […]

Untangling difficult messages

So your project is crucial, but it’s not straightforward. People glaze over when you try and explain it to them. Not good. Perhaps you’re too close to it. Maybe you’ve fallen into that dark place we call the jargon trap. The place where words get tangled, jargon creeps in, and meaning evaporates. Jargon is like mumbling. Sorry, […]

Five Ways to get your business voice right

The case for promoting your business with clear compelling copy is already won. No one would argue that it’s good to be waffly and confusing. Likewise the need for accuracy. Spelling and punctuation matter, because getting them wrong makes your communications look unprofessional and this reflects badly on your brand. You know that already. But how […]