What my clients say


“We worked with Sharon on our marketing message, copywriting and website strategy and we are delighted with the results. She really attacks projects from a new angle which was really refreshing and got us excited about our potential for the future. We fully intend on using Sharon and her colleagues again in the near future.”

James Chapman, Development Done Right

“Insightful, quick and creative, Sharon takes the time to understand us as an agency. We’ve worked with her on a number of client projects, including work for Sainsbury’s, Bottelino’s and the Paljakka Resort Hotel, a development of large resort in Finland.

She has written copy for brochures, websites, newsletters and branding material. Her editorial support with presentations has led to us landing a very big new client.  Sharon’s currently working on Creation’s new identity, and I’m looking forward to a long working relationship together.”

Nick Wood, Account Director, Creation Design and Communications.

“Sharon is one of the best copywriters I have ever come across. She is an expert at getting to the essence of what you want to say, and making it as clear, simple and easy to understand as it can possibly be. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Eli Barbary, Bright New Day

“Sharon is an exceptional marketing copywriter. Her work is engaging, clear and interesting; always written with the customer/reader in mind. She is very skilled at working with designers to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. She’ll help you get to the heart of your message and put this across in a way that initiates action.”

Sonja Jefferson, Valuable Content

“Sharon is a talented copywriter and creator of compelling creative messages.  I’ve been really impressed by her ability to present complex and often highly technical products and services in a matter of fact, easy to digest and understand way.”

Richard Dennys, Digital Divinity

“Sharon’s writing for my website and Christmas promotional material was spot on. Highly recommended.”

Frances Cooley, Clifton Cakes

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