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‘Show not tell’ is the advice given to writers, and it holds true for business.

In a novel I don’t want to be told that the hero is gorgeous.  Let me see how women react to him.  Let me hear what he says. Make me fall in love with him too.
And the same goes for business marketing.  Don’t tell me your customer service is great, show me how your services help people like me.  Be specific. Details matter.
Demonstrating your expertise is a good way of showing, not telling, that you’re top of your game.
Canadian Business guru Blair Enns, founder of Win Without Pitching advocates demonstrating knowledge an inch wide and a mile deep.  Really knowing your stuff puts you in a much more powerful marketing position than knowing a little about a lot.
Case studies, published either on your website, or as part of a broader marketing campaign, are a great way of showing how your business operates and adds value.
Clearly demonstrating how your business solved a client’s problem – resulting in increased turnover, happier staff, a new contract – is the best kind of marketing.  Show how your services boost the bottom line figures, and you’ve demonstrated your expertise.
Experts have opinions, so share yours.  Write the paper, talk at the conference, blog about what’s new, keep your website up to date. Be seen and heard.
And the best bit about this kind of marketing? It’s not expensive. You don’t need glossy adverts, you just need to able to write.  Or know someone who does.

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    March 9, 2011 - 5:35 pm | Permalink

    Great article, couldn’t agree more. Love the book cover. I still have a collection of Mills & Boon – strange thing for a man to collect? I did speculative ad campaign for them to put in my portfolio – I repositioned them as more racy, and featured garish covers prominently. Strapline was “Light reading that makes the earth move” One poster featured covers of stories set in exotic foreign locations (Shadows on Bali…Night of the Condor…Love is a distant shore) with headline “Lie back and don’t think of England”

    I sent them to Mills & Boon but got luke warm response. However, it did help me get into a top agency in London, Young & Rubicam.

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